Fun Day Event | Free Arts & Rock N' Events / by Jenny Chang

As Rock N’ Events continue to grow, we constantly strive in finding any to all opportunities to give back to our community! The stars do this by doing what we do best, celebrating rockn’ events. We kicked off 2016 with our new found partnership with a charitable organization, Free Arts. Free Arts inspires children who have experienced hardships in the past, including abuse, neglect, poverty, and homelessness. The stars at Rock N’ Events wanted to make a difference by offering our design and vendor connections to organize Free Art’s annual ‘Fun Day’ fundraiser.

Who is Free Arts?

The non-profit organization was originally founded in 1977 as Free Arts Clinic. Free Arts for Abused Children was born out of the determination of two women who understood and appreciated the inherent therapeutic value of the arts: Carolyn Sargent, a woman who, as a child, used art to emerge from the sadness and isolation of hearing loss, and Elda Unger, an artist and aspiring art therapist. Both women recognized the need for children in foster care to have meaningful engagement with the arts.

This specific program inspires children who have experienced hardships in the past, including abuse, neglect, poverty, and homelessness. The creative arts focused program allow positive interactions and a change of atmosphere with caring volunteers and other children enduring the same hardships.

Our ‘FUN DAY’ Mission

After learning about the purpose in Free Arts and how they continue to provide a creative outlet for abused children, we knew that we needed to be part of this organization’s mission. ‘Fun Day’ was a fundraiser event hosted, at the Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club for 200 attendees, with opportunities to raise funds through a silent auction and shopping!

As the celebration approached, we couldn’t be more excited to meet everyone involved in the planning process. It wasn’t till the day-of that we all realized all the time and work of all the service vendors that came together to give back for LA’s kids in need. The historic venue’s white walls and stage was illuminated by up-lights provided by Details Delight. We were honored to have cinematographers, Alumiq, to capture all the happy and memorable footage on the day of. (Video coming out shortly!) Our photographer, Dante Bucci, photographed the excitement and joy from the endless smiles on the kids faces.

From face painting to guitar and dancing lessons, the activities were never ending. What’s a rockn’ event without some rockn’ music?! A quartet band provided by Ocdamia Strings filled the room with their classical tunes and got the crowd feeling the positive and shopping vibes! And to top if off, Prairie Vodka sponsored their tasteful beverages for our mixologist, Mixology Flaired, to throw a show with all the yummy and creative drinks! What’s alcohol without some food in your system? Delightful appetizers and sweets provided by caterer, Chris Brugler Catering, kept our taste buds lit and our tummies satisfied!

A special shout out to all of the partners that have sponsored and help put together this special rock n’ celebration with Rock N’ Events & Free Arts. We can’t wait for our next celebration with this honorable organization.