RNE takes NYC!! / by TEAM RNE


You heard that right, ROCKNEVENTS is taking over the East Coast. This time we’re setting up shop in the ever-timeless NEW YORK CITY! Team RNE has been quietly planning their takeover of the five boroughs and the time is finally here. There’s no better time than now to introduce ourselves to the NY scene as engagement season grows closer!



So what comes first? The venue or the theme? In New York City we are all blessed with an array of venues that can showcase so much. Venues such as The New York Public Library, The famous Plaza Hotel, or The Boathouse hold such historical significance to the city of New York that it is very easy to use those venues in a very romantic, and glamorous ways.

Even though New York is a huge city, it is easier to have an outdoor themed wedding than one might think! The Brooklyn Botanic Garden and New Leaf are two places located right outside of the city but has a feel that could be miles away.

Then there are those venues that are in the heart of the city but still manage to maintain their rustic vibes. These venues such as The Liberty Warehouse and The Foundry have not only stunning views inside and out, but they blur the lines between city and a somewhat country feeling. New York City is a place that never runs out of new badass ideas and that certainly is shown through their amazing venue spaces. 



New York is also known for its awe-inspiring fashion. Ever heard of NY Fashion Week? It’s where all the big dogs come out to play and show their creations to the world.

But more importantly (at least to us) is New York Bridal Fashion Week! The newest creations are shown to the world in stunning manner at this grand annual event.

Luckily most creators don’t have to travel far. Fifth Ave in New York City is such a hub for the elite to shop and search for the most amazing gowns. That where the big designers are located such as Saks Fifth Ave.

Other creations can be found in the many different boutiques in NYC. The most popular being, Kleinfeld Bridal which is located in the heart of Chelsea. Other boutiques in the area are located mainly in Midtown with the central hub of 6th Ave.  


What Are You Waiting For?

With our newest expansion to the East Coast we are so excited to get to know the city more and show New York what ROCKNEVENTS really has to offer!

We know that producing ANY event in NYC is sure to be an adventure full of innovation, luxury, and elegance!

Here’s to Team RNE showing off what we got and producing many more events in the New York area!

We’ll see you there ;)

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