What Would Rock N’ Events Do? #Google This! / by Jenny Chang

Enough weddings, this week I’m letting my imagination go crazy! Today we’re gonna go into what I would do for a Google Event. Here is how Rock N’ Events would do it #GoGoogleOrGoHome.

First off we need a blank canvas! It’s time to build from the ground up. With an event for someone as big as Google, they need to let the space speak to who they are! #SoFun! This event isn’t fussy- it’s a kickass party with an unlimited budget! #GottaDream A giant warehouse would be the best space for this kind of event in the heart of Los Angeles. It’s edgy, fun, and you can just imagine all the possibilities!

When you roll up to this party you are greeted with a bottle of Dom Perignon popped right before your eyes. Pick your favorite color silly straw and drink up! The doors open up and you are taken to a millennial dream world. This is no warehouse anymore baby. The bass is rocking the walls as you walk up to a huge adult playground! I remember when I was little always needing to go to the Burger King with the three story jungle gym. How fucking magical would it be to feel like you’re a kid again, but this time you get to enjoy your jungle gyming with a bottle of champs! This is what Google is all about to me- fun, innovation, and interaction!

Going off the idea of play, we go into a new staple in the tech world- Virtual Reality! A VIP virtual reality section would be the perfect way to take you anywhere in the world and beyond. This event is all about unforgettable experiences, and virtual reality can take you places you have only dreamed of, plus it’s hilarious to watch people roam around with those goggles on!

Now let’s talk about the food! The food needs to be as crazy and fun as the event, and is another experience. Chef Grant Achantz, known as one of the leaders in progressive cuisine, creates amazing dishes with very unconventional plating techniques. Wouldn’t it be amazing to walk up to a table that is the plate?! Being able to use the table and food to double as an art installation, and as a way to eat delicious food, like COME ON! #Dead. But along with the food we need bomb drinks! Imagine having a mixologist crafting specialty drinks while putting on a show. Drop the champagne and let’s party people!

Sip that handcrafted boozy delight as you watch Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and Drake kill it on the stage. A performance from these stars is sure to make this one of the most #Extra events you’ve ever been to!

When the night is coming to a close, you’ll be dancing your way out with the most exclusive, Oscar-style swag bag, full of brand name designer wares! Of course this is all in my head, but damn it makes me want to party hardy, and Rock N’ Events knows how to do just that. And, Google, if you’re reading this… G-Chat me!