Inside The Rock N' Events Culture / by Jenny Chang

ROCKNEVENTS culture is unique, innovative, and of course, rebellious. We don’t work for the wedding industry, we work for our clients. They have the vision, we have the creative juices.

The thing that sets us apart from other wedding planners is our unapologetic taste for luxury and cutting-edge parties.

Our main goal: bring out your inner rock star.

Ready? Here’s how we throw a kickass party:

Shots Shots Shots

Okay, so maybe taking shots isn’t a part of our culture, but celebrating sure is. Our main focus during the design process is to create a flawless event that brings out your inner party. Whether the client is seeking a modern wedding or a rustic glam vibe, we want the party to be lit.

We design experiences that are memorable and one-of-a-kind. At ROCKNEVENTS, our productions are more than just a party, it’s a worthwhile adventure. From every little detail, the event must exude the art of celebration (and tequila).

Fur Babies

Incorporating animals into wedding parties have been an up and coming trend among new couples. These days, our dogs are the preamble to having children and some couples insist their pets are their children. You’ve seen it before: a Frenchie in a tux strutting down the aisle carrying the rings. Cute, right?

ROCKNEVENTS takes it to another level. Out favorite fur baby to incorporate into our events are bunnies. It’s unique, it’s eye-catching, and it’s f**king adorable.

Bunnies at Wedding

Pin Spot Lighting

Lighting, of any kind, is an absolute must at an event - pin spot, twinkling, or candles - all give a stunning effect. A wedding thrown by ROCKNEVENTS will always have a hint of pin spot lighting. This is one of our favorite design techniques for throwing a loud party. The light guides the guest’s eyes towards the areas you want to pinpoint. Thus, pin spot lighting enhances the colors, textures, florals, and any other design element you want to draw attention to.

Bottom line: pin spot lighting is next level sh*t.

Diverse Textures

Every event calls for a variety of diverse textures to play off of the guests’ senses. We’ve said it before, interior design is a major piece of event production. Every client has their own personality and individual style. Using several different textures in curtains, blankets, tablecloths, florals, and even the upholstery on the chairs, you can really capture the vision of the client.

Textures in Event Design

A palatial wedding with a dark color scheme needs different linens than an organic and dainty outdoor wedding. Utilizing different textiles creates a flawless transition from the tables to the dance floor and to the lounge area.

Now that you’ve been given a sneak peek inside the ROCKNEVENTS culture, connect with us for cocktails and a wedding consultation! Whether you’re aiming for an event world wide or right at home in Los Angeles, ROCKNEVENTS does it all. It’s your special day, don’t settle for ordinary. Contact us today for a one-of-a-kind wedding experience from start to finish.