ROCKNU Webinar: Teaching Future Producers / by Jenny Chang

A badass wedding planner isn’t afraid to lead the way for future producers. Margaret Fuller once said, “if you have the knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” The greatest competition is from those you have taught. ROCKNEVENTS is dedicated to producing elaborate and f**king awesome wedding parties. We’re even more passionate about teaching you how to do the same. Cheers to success!


Here’s the inside scoop on the ROCKNU webinar:


Connections are valuable in every area of your life, especially in business. A wedding producer conducts business with designers, vendors, caterers, and clients, all equally important. The connections I’m talking about are much more than that. Meeting people is easy, connecting with people and maintaining that connection is the true test. Extending yourself towards people you meet at networking events will set you apart from those just looking for a quick fix.

Pro tip: Connect with badasses. Your business and brand should be surrounded by the best of the best. Nothing but bad b*tches here.

Wedding Planners


Understand your client’s vision and above all, understand the art of partying hard. A major percentage of our clients are millennials revolutionizing the art of wedding celebrations. Producing a f**king flawless wedding is crucial, but so is providing value and richness to your clientele’s lives. Wedding producing is about more than the party, it’s about the innermost celebration going on in your clients, it’s about the celebration of love between two partners.

Coaching Communication

Communication is one of the most valued skills on planet earth, sweetie. If you want to design personal, intricate, and luxurious parties you must communicate with the client. The ROCKNEVENTS all-star team takes a vision and creates an exceptional experience all through the art of listening. Ahem, communication isn’t only a must in the bedroom.

You also must be able to coach your clientele through decisions. Is your bride stuck between floral arrangements? Rationalize, visualize, and point her in the direction that matches her price point and her expectation.

Business Skills

Let’s get real, wedding planning is the sh*t, but it’s still business! The behind the scenes aspects of wedding planning go far beyond what you probably have imagined. From solving time- sensitive problems to being your client's best friend, a wedding planner must be able to perform under pressure and get creative. And even beyond that are the skills to get the job done. If we could sum up of the skills of a well-rounded, kickass wedding producer, these would be it:

  • Master of time

  • Leader

  • Creative

  • Passionate

  • Persistent

  • Fearless

  • Executer

Floral Wedding Altar

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