destination wedding

Come Away With Me by Jenny Chang

A beautiful ballgown, floral arrangements that seem to reach the ceiling providing the most magnificent natural decor any florist has to offer, the air of romance and anticipation that keeps the guests from sitting still as they wait for the ceremony to begin. Unsteady eyes take in the room that has seen centuries of life and holds history within its walls. The groom takes his place and as the music begins everyone is transported into a fairytale that only has one ending. Love.

Now, am I describing a Disney fairytale or something a bit more practical.

Brides & Grooms are keeping the destination wedding love alive! Opting for smaller more intimate weddings, in a more exotic location, that came bring more than a location to the table: history.

Destination: Huntington Castle- County Carlow (Ireland)

ROCKNEVENTS immediately fell in love at first "site" and more importantly how photogenic this venue has proven itself to be! Photos are destination weddings biggest fans and are the best take-hold than any wedding favors. Modern brides, classic bride, or brides who want a little of both will fall in love with this venue and it's various onsite locations.

When you think of a destination wedding you may not immediately think Ireland. You most likely immediately imagined a beach in the Caribbean or a Hawaiian get-away, which we love and still can't get enough of! Although, some Brides & Grooms want to venture a little more north of the equator and find a little piece of home: cue the Huntington Castle slideshow. Who hasn't dreamed of running away and finding the love of your life in a completely unknown continent? Well, we're skipping the second step and going straight to the vows for this one! The beauty of castles is that romance is already included! The wow factor is something you don't have to create, just enhance with those amazing design ideas (aka Pinterest boards. We are right there with you!) you've had in mind since the day you said "YES!"

We'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but here are 3 quick tips for your travelers heart & wallet!


1. Research. Research. Research.

Finding a location is just the first step! Find inspiration photos of the location with and without a wedding set-up. This way you know how the venue will look when you walk-up as opposed to it all dolled up by someone else. Also, make sure the photos are up-to-date. There is nothing worse then booking a location and finding out half the venue will be under-construction and unusable on the day of!

2. Wedding Coordinators are not an option. They are your lifeline!

When you are a thousand miles away from your location, having a go-between is essential! They understand the industry and have experience in working with vendors in other countries! There are tax differences, fees, contracts, and an endless list of variables that you'll be thankful your coordinator will take care of!

3. Understand the distance and embrace it!

Unfortunately, like a typical wedding you can't just schedule a walk-through or a follow-up walk-through on a any random Tuesday. But that's why you fell in love with the destination wedding! This is your opportunity to really make a statement with your wedding, so embrace the distance and love every mile! Keep a photo with you, on your desk or on the fridge! Remind yourself why you fell in love with the location and how amazing your big day is going to be!

A wedding is obviously much more than a venue, so we created a "Castle-worthy" destination wedding inspiration board below to feed your inner traveler and inspire one of the most important days in your life!

*Castle photos following are not all Huntington Castle, simply inspiration*



Finding a wedding photographer is a big task in the wedding planning process. But. Finding a photographer who specializes in destination weddings is an MUST. They understand how to get those unique and scenic shots! They are experienced in dealing with unknown locations and will get those shots you imagined the first time you saw the venue!