Designed With You In Mind by Jenny Chang

One of the first questions we ask our Brides & Grooms is:

"What is the  T H E M E  of your wedding?"

And we've heard it all....

Black & White, Love, Winter Wonderland, Christmas, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Great Gatsby, Spring, Summer, Disney, Paris....

If you can dream it, we've probably heard it as a theme for a wedding.

And then we ask:

"What is your overall  V I S I O N  of your big day?"

So why would we ask seemingly the same question twice?

Because, there is a difference between having a theme and having a vision of your day! And ROCK N' EVENTS is all about distinguishing the two!

ROCK N' EVENTS Dictionary

Theme: An inspirational idea that can directly or indirectly influence the design of a wedding/event.

Vision: A clear/concise idea for the overall design, concept and details of a wedding/event.

When a Bride & Groom come to ROCK N' EVENTS with a theme we understand that means they have been inspired by an idea that can be crafted and personalized to fit them. Typically an excess of Pinterest is involved (which we love & fully support!) and the couple has fallen in love with the idea of implementing these details into their big day! These couples are very open to our design ideas and typically allow us to create a full design concept specifically for them.

When a Bride & Groom come to ROCK N' EVENTS with a vision of their big day, we know they mean design business. A couple with a vision already know exactly how they want to design their wedding and we, as designers, need to deliver this pre-envisioned wedding/event to the best of our ability. When working with a couples vision it is our job to translate this into realistic goals for their event and provide alternatives when our professional opinion is required. A vision also extends past the overall design of the event. A vision also includes the overall aesthetic, production and vibe of the day.

Think of it this way:

A theme is knowing which brand of car you'd like to buy.

A vision is knowing the car, the model, the color and even the number of cup holders you want! (you can never have too many cup holders!)

Or in Bridal Speak:

A Theme is knowing you want an ivory bridal gown.

A Vision is knowing you want the Maggie Sottero "Kennedy" bridal gown, from her Fall 2015 collection, in ivory, with an added cap sleeve and a cathedral length veil detailed with perfect lace appliqué around the edges. (Not that we've thought of this before...)

Now we don't want to sound like a vision is the overbearing parent to the traditional idea of having a wedding theme, but it's is the more detailed of the two.

One of our favorite moments during a consultation (after listening to the Proposal Story of course!) is hearing all the amazing ideas a couple has for their big day. We highly encourage an detailed theme when discussing weddings with our future Mr. & Mrs., but understand the difference when we have a couple with a specific vision. 

So whether you have the most detailed and vivid vision of your big day, or you just really love the color coral, never forget the most important detail in every wedding: You Two. The second most important aspect is having a coordinator who understands and respects your vision or inspiration! You can always count on the Rockstars at ROCK N' EVENTS to rock your design!


When searching for your full-service or day-of coordinator, always remember to find someone who compliments your vision, not complicates it. Also, when meeting for an event or design consultation bring along any photos or inspirations you have to show your coordinator! Or just pull up your Pinterest!

People who Pin together, Design together!

Below are some design inspirations to fuel that design fire in us all! Whether you enjoy the simpler designs or the all-out concepts, we know you will find the perfect fit for your special day! Follow our Pinterest for more inspiration!

Rock Your Vision by Jenny Chang

There is always one important question that runs through a newly engaged couples mind,

"Should I hire a coordinator? or Can I do this on my own?"

Realistically, every Bride & Groom do not contract a coordinator to help them plan their big day, but the ones who do will tell you the benefits of having someone who knows the business in your corner.

Whether you decide to hire a full-service planner or simply a day-of coordinator. You will find there are two distinct types of planners; with two distinct planning styles.

Outside-coordinators (Rock N' Events) OR In-house coordinators

So What's The Difference?

It's really as simple as the name implies. Outside-coordinators work alongside your venue, while an in-house coordinator will work for the venue.

So as a couple, who is the best event planning choice for you?

We broke it down to the key elements we have discovered as differences between an outside-coordinator versus an in-house coordinator. (With our experience and working with in-house coordinators.)

-If you decide to hire an in-house coordinator, typically you are hiring their Catering Manager. This means that stylized, designed vision you had may be completely your responsibility.

ROCKNEVENTS (and outside-coordinators) are typically design centered & specialize in detailed themes and ideas! As event/wedding designers we never expect our Brides & Grooms to have their entire vision complete. It's our job (and our favorite part of the planning process) to find those small details that will make your wedding stunning. As your designers, we are here to compliment our couples not complicate the wedding process.

-An in-house coordinator is typically seen as a bonus for booking the venue. Which they may be, but this simply means they work for the venue not your vision.

ROCKNEVENTS is 100% about you and your vision. From the moment of booking to your big day, we are 100% focused on bringing your vision to life! Again, we love designing! We are as addicted to Pinterest as you are and we'd love to see that secret board no one knows about! Our bonus is working for you! We love hearing all your ideas, no matter how insane they may seem. When we meet our couples we can't help but become so obsessed with their vision and how to make it come to life! It's never a bonus for our clients to work for us! It's our HONOR to work with you!

-Like any business, a venue is ultimately focused on doing business. Which includes pumping up their Preferred Vendors, whether or not they fit your wedding style.

ROCKNEVENTS  also has a Preferred Vendor list, but at the end of the day we're here to bring your vision to life. If none of our Preferred Vendors fit your style we'll research your options until we find "The One".  It's as simple as that. No one should feel pressured to hire a photographer because, "They've photographed our venue countless times." You should be confident in every vendor you book and never wonder if they endorsed them for anyone other than you! When working with an outside coordinator you immediately widen your vendor network. We are constantly connecting with new vendors and have no proximity limit to our design style!

-Lastly, when working directly with a venue, chances are you will simply become a calendar date. You may meet and discuss event details, but that personal on-on-one touch may never become a factor.

At ROCKNEVENTS we pride ourselves in our personal design style. We love to get to know our Brides & Grooms and in-corporate details into their day that they may not have thought of! We love to finding out the smallest details from how you met, to the proposal to how you each envision your big day! No wedding should be designed simply because it worked for the last couple. Your big day is all about what makes you two unique an how it celebrates your love!

As we've said before, Rock N' Events is in the business of L O V E. We can't help but fall in love with our couples and how they envision not only their big day, but the rest of their lives. No couple should ever feel pressured or cornered in any wedding decision! So, whether you decide on an outside or in-house wedding coordinator, find the best fit for YOU and Rock your Big Day!

*All photos include feature real Rock N' Brides & Grooms*


Rock Your Love Language! by Jenny Chang

  • A small note that found its home on the bathroom mirror just to tell you how beautiful (or handsome) you look.
  • A day when the clothes are folded, that cabinet is fixed and the shower-head no longer spits water in every direction.
  • A bouquet of roses delivered  just in time to save a rather boring work day just to show they were thinking of you.
  • A night spent in with nothing but a re-run movie and a big bowl of guiltless popcorn.
  • A night spent in each others embrace, no words, just you two.

It's not uncommon to find your heart fluttered a little harder when you skimmed one of these scenarios.

The reason (If you haven't already crammed on this book-goodness): The 5 Love Languages.

We may not be experts on love, but we are in the business of love! So we make it our business to make sure love is always on our (and everyone's) mind!

The 5 Love Languages was written by Gary Chapman and has inspired and reinforced relationships by simply telling them to discover.

The beauty in love languages? They apply to every relationship you will ever have! Romantic, familial, friendship & even work can benefit from one of these languages! (Obviously, touch should be avoided in work-related instances. We don't want any calls from HR!) It's all about finding how others receive and give love/support/encouragement.

So what are the 5 Love Languages?

Words of Affirmation

Because sometimes we just need a gentle reminder.


Acts of Service

Ryan Gosling kinda killed it with this one. *take notes men*- Build a house

Receiving Gifts

A little something that says," This reminded me of you."

Quality Time

Your undivided attention is all I need.

Physical Touch

A little reminder that, "I am here" without saying a word

Taking the online quiz is your first step in finding what your TOP love language is! Make it a fun dinner conversation or take the quiz together! That way you can both see and understand each others love language.

Love is a beautiful exchange between two people and should be celebrated everyday! Not just on your wedding day. Find your love language and share it!


Written In The Stars by Jenny Chang

Imagine it! Guests are filing in search of the best spot to get the first look of the bride, while candles flood the floor and flicker as if to signal a silence before the ceremony begins. The sun finds it's home for the night just below the horizon and effortlessly cues the bridal party. Your groom awaits you haloed by the ceremony lights and your bride glowing in the last of the sunlight. Could you imagine a more romantic moment? An exchange of love witnessed by your family, friends and the moon. A night wedding has never sounded so good!

We have always been obsessed with the idea of a night wedding. Each beautiful photo framed by the brilliant night sky and all its stars. But, we live in Los Angeles and those stars don't get as much play time as they should. (If you happen live each night with a star filled sky, stop showing off! Just kidding, we love you and you are one step ahead of us city people!)  So how does one achieve a star filled night wedding in the city? *Cue the Rock N' Events team*

Whether you bring the starlight indoors or enjoy the open air, we designed a universal nighttime/sunset wedding inspiration that is sure to bring out your inner night owl! Candles, moonlight and the love of your life! It's like a Nicolas Sparks novel! (hold the typical Nicolas Sparks ending please!)

The typical wedding ceremony begins at 4pm and our night ceremony would start significantly later based on the time of year, but we love the opportunities that come with it! Great lighting is your best friend throughout this planning process! Lighting can be anything from candles, tea lights, fairy lights, gobo lighting or just the natural skyline! The winning balance is between natural light and electric!

RNE Tip: When meeting with potential photographers. Ask them how comfortable they are with shooting primarily at night. Having blown out photos (too much flash) or having photos that are too dark to see any form of detail is hard to fix after the wedding. So have an open conversation about your expectations and the overall setting your photographer will be shooting.

Having a night wedding allows couples to really have fun with their theme and the activities for guests! Cocktail hour could include a smores bar or warm drinks! Making your wedding unique is half the fun! The other half? Getting Married of course!

We hope you enjoy our nighttime/sunset wedding designs!

*Some of the photos are not depicted at night & are simply for inspiration! Use that imagination!*

We hope you were as inspired by these nighttime/sunset designs as we are! Happy planning!

The Cory To My Topanga by Jenny Chang

Without a doubt the internet agrees who the original OTP* were:

Cory & Topanga (with a side of Shawn).


They shaped the way 90s kids dealt with life, relationships & most importantly Love. So it's no secret high school sweetheart stories are always an "aww" moment and remind of how much we loved seeing those Boy Meets World characters tie the knot after seven seasons! 

So with these two iconic lovebirds in mind, & our overzealous love of Pinterest inspiration, we created the perfect Cory & Topanga inspired "High School Sweethearts" wedding inspiration.

The beauty behind Sweetheart stories is there is never a shortage of intimate details. Small phrases, trinkets, milestones & old photos are always the greatest source of inspiration. We recently discovered Pinterest inspired photos of couples, on their wedding day, taking photos in their old high school gyms, where they first met, hallways and in their old classrooms! (see photos below) How breath-taking is that!

Whether you and your partner are high school sweethearts or not, the inspiration in the small details is what we are all about! Incorporating your favorite phrase, nicknames, favorite movie, your song or anything that makes you two as a couple unique will make the world of a difference and your guests will love it!

Once you've found your Cory to your Topanga (Or your Cory to your Shawn, we shipped them too!) don't be afraid to incorporate small details within your theme. Small details will not overshadow any theme, but will be small intimate highlights of you two as a couple!

We love to dream of the wedding we would have designed for Mr. & Mrs. Matthews and wonder if some of our inspiration pieces would have made the final cut! Cory and Topanga will without a doubt go down in history as the most loved couple in TV history.

Happy Planning!

*OTP: One True Pairing- Your favorite pairing (romantic) of characters in a show, movie, book or series.

Proposal Tips by Jenny Chang

A proposal is such a special moment and that you will remember forever. We have created a few tips to make sure that this moment is everything you desire. So keep this post open on your computer so your significant other can see it and get the hint!!! 


1. Talk about it! Make sure you and your significant other are on the same page regarding getting married. The last thing you want is for your proposal to be politely declined. 


2. Ask for permission. Make sure you ask her parents for their blessing before you propose. This is such a huge sign of respect and allows for the parents to know that you truly value their decision. 


3. Be ring ready. Proposing without a ring is not a wise decision. So make sure you enlist the help of her mother and friends on picking out the perfect ring. Remember she will be wearing this for the rest of her life so you want her to be in love with it. (The average ring is a 1.18 carat Princess cut diamond that averages around $3,500-$4,000). 


4. Be romantic & pick a special place! Make sure to go above and beyond for this proposal. Maybe pick the location you two first met, her favorite spot in the park or even take her to a location she loves (Times Square, Griffith Observatory, etc). But don't just leave it at that, add some glitz and glam. Have it at night with twinkling lights, have rose petals on the ground, something to make it special and romantic. 


4. Make it a surprise! Try your hardest to make sure that she has no idea!!! As much as women hate surprises, we love them also. Only enlist a few people who can keep a secret from her to help you with your plans. 


6.  Make sure her nails are done!! This is so important!! Women will want to take pictures and flaunt their ring, but if their nails are not groomed it will take away from the beauty. Ask her best friend or mom to take her to the spa a day or two before the proposal. She will have no idea and just think that she is having a much needed girls day. 


7. Get down on one knee. This may seem so cliche but it is one of those fairytale moments that all women dream about. Also remember to use her full name. It sounds formal and elegant during a proposal. 


8. Use the magic words. Every bride will want to hear "Will you marry me?" So make sure you practice that into your speech. Also, be sure to include all the many reasons you love her and why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. 


9. Get it on camera! This moment is one that she will want to relive over and over. So make sure you have someone secretly videotaping it. A good idea would be to show her the video on your wedding day! She will have no idea that you recorded it and be able to see her reaction. 


If you still need help deciding what to do take a look at these videos for some over the top proposals that took creativity and love.






Will you be my bridesmaid? by Jenny Chang

Picking who will be your bridesmaid is an important decision. These are the girls that will be with you every step of the journey towards your wedding. So you want to make sure you select the perfect group. This is difficult because you don't want to leave anybody out or hurt feelings but you also need to consider what is best for your wedding. You want as little stress as possible- the last thing you want is your bridesmaids arguing the whole time. Here are a few tips on who to select as your bridesmaids. 


1. Take your time and think about who you want in your bridal party. Right after he proposes your might will probably start making a list of who to ask. But make sure you pick the right girls. Remember that you can always ask someone to be in your wedding, but you can not take back that invitation. 


2. More isn't better. The rule of thumb is one bridesmaids per 50 guests. Of course this isn't something you have to follow but merely a guideline to help you. Remember that the more bridesmaids you have the more people you have to have agree on certain things such as dresses, bridal party date and other details. 


3. Family comes first. Be sure to include your sister(s) and sister-in-law. Nothing is worse than a bitter family member. Even if you two don't have the best relationship, this journey will allow you to spend more time together and build that bond. Family always has your back also, they will want whats best for you and make sure that you are happy at the end of the day. 


4. Don't be pressured. Don't ask someone just because they asked you to be in their bridal party.  Also don't be pressured by friends who are hinting that they want to be in the bridal party. If you don't feel that they will help contribute to your bridal party, don't ask them to be in it. This is your wedding process so at the end of the day, you make the decisions. 


5. Think about them as a group. You want your bridal party to mesh will together. Having a lot of different personalities can lead to conflict but you want them to all join forces and ensure that your wedding is successful. You don't need the added stress of two bridesmaids fighting. 


6. Can they handle it? Think about their current life situations. Are they going through a divorce? Can they financially handle it? The best way to figure this out is to simply talk to them as "I'd love for you to be a bridesmaid, but I understand the tough time you're going through now. If you can't do it, I'd love to find something else for you to do in the wedding." 


7. It is an honor but also a responsibility. Your bridesmaids will help you make decisions throughout your wedding planning. It is like a job that requires a lot of attention and commitment. So do you really want to pick the girl that consistently bails on all the plans you make?



Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses by Jenny Chang

Coordinating bridesmaids dresses is tricky, that's why typically they all wear the same matching gown. But where's the fun in that? Each of your bridesmaids is unique and deserves to wear a dress that will compliment them each individually. Mismatching bridesmaid dresses  is a trendy element that will allow you and your bridesmaids to shine on your big day! Follow these steps to ensure that your mismatching looks clean and coordinated. 

1. Decide what aspect you are going to mismatch. Do you want them all to have separate colors? Do you want them all to have the same color but different style? Or maybe a combination of both. 


2. Select a color scheme. If you are having your bridesmaids wear different colors maybe try an ombre effect. Try to pick shades that are in the same family and can blend well next to each other. 


3. Let your bridesmaids pick out their own dress. They know their bodies best and they know what they look good in. Have a preselected color and material picked out and let them decide what dress would look best on them. 


4. Have a universal statement piece. This will tie everything in together. You can have them wear matching shoes or a matching necklace. This will help them all look like they fit in with the theme of your wedding.