The Perfect Shot by Jenny Chang

You will never hear a Bride & Groom say, "These pictures are great! But we could have gone without these wedding photos." 

Yes, those post-ceremony photos may be exhausting, but in the end they give us those "aww" moments that made them worth it!

While many future Mr. & Mrs. primarily look for price when booking a wedding photographer, as coordinators, we highly emphasize style & value over cost.

Style & Value can become more of an investment than anticipated, but can overall become the greatest investment of your entire wedding! Throughout your ceremony & reception you may not get the chance to stop and take in all the details of your big day! Those peonies you spent an entire Saturday slaving over? You probably spent a good minute admiring them before Aunt Helen pulled you into another family photo! The focus being, having great detail shots & photos allow you to take time post-wedding to admire details you probably missed on the day of. (Thanks Aunt Helen!)

Apart from detail shots, wedding photos are a H U G E addition to any wedding theme or style. Many Brides & Grooms aren't aware of the various photography styles they have at their disposal!

Vintage    Natural (Lighting)    Editorial     Props     Destination   Old Hollywood  

The list goes on & on, but the important thing is: OPTIONS!

We love options & try to make sure they don't overwhelm our couple but emphasize how this is just another step in making their day truly memorable! 

"We just want crisp & clean photos of our wedding." - A common phrase we hear from our future Mr. & Mrs. (Cue, the endless wedding photo samples) It's at this point we notice they do in fact have a distinct vision or vibe they want to convey through their photos.

"We love that pose!" "Oh, no we don't like that." "Oh, that's an amazing shot."


Shop around. Take a few Saturdays & sit down with your potential photographer. Ask them about their style, where they typically shoot & if they have any photography samples. (If they don't, they may simply be starting their business & is something to take into consideration.)

Every photographer has a niche, a style they either enjoy photographing or prefer to work with. Spending an hour or so, over a cup of coffee, will give you the opportunity to create that relationship with your photographer that will allow you to create the exact look & feel you want for your photos.

So to showcase some of our favorite wedding styles we've created "Photography Boards" below to help you narrow down your favorite wedding photography style!

*As a side note: May times these styles may often overlap, which simply means you can customize the style to make it uniquely-you!*


While "vintage" can range from anything between hipster to 1920s inspired, we've narrowed it down to a simple adjective "Filtered". Whether your photographer edited post-shoot or is crafty with the settings, these photos process with an airy- light feel.



Old- Hollywood

Now, this style may not require much description but for the sake of being thorough. The Old-Hollywood style is not only shot in black & white or sepia tones, but can simply emphasize that classic glamour & drama.


Just as the name suggests, these photos offer magazine style poses & photography aesthetics. Think Brides Magazine shoot or The Knot cover photos. This style offers those crisp, clean images that most Brides & Grooms nowadays flock to! 


"Natural" lighting involves how the photographer utilizes the natural & surrounding light. These images typically create a lighter feel & allows for a more natural pose. Nowadays, this niche lends itself to "Natural-themed" weddings as well.

If you are planning an evening ceremony, this is a must! Night photography has a whole new list of elements that day-time does not include. Some photographers specialize in this type of photography & nothing is worse than having photos that are"too dark" to see any detail. *Not all photographers have perfected that sparkler circle & best to let them know you want that shot ahead of time!*

As you can tell, we can go on & on about how important it is to not only identify the photo-style you wish to incorporate into your wedding, but also specific shots you want taken. Speaking to your photographer, getting to know their style & giving them a heads up on specific shots you want is a great way to start your wedding photography journey!

Just remember!

At the end of the day, That album is going to be so amazing!

Our Rock N' Events Preferred Photographer: Alex Warschauer

Check Him Out!

Rock Your Vision by Jenny Chang

There is always one important question that runs through a newly engaged couples mind,

"Should I hire a coordinator? or Can I do this on my own?"

Realistically, every Bride & Groom do not contract a coordinator to help them plan their big day, but the ones who do will tell you the benefits of having someone who knows the business in your corner.

Whether you decide to hire a full-service planner or simply a day-of coordinator. You will find there are two distinct types of planners; with two distinct planning styles.

Outside-coordinators (Rock N' Events) OR In-house coordinators

So What's The Difference?

It's really as simple as the name implies. Outside-coordinators work alongside your venue, while an in-house coordinator will work for the venue.

So as a couple, who is the best event planning choice for you?

We broke it down to the key elements we have discovered as differences between an outside-coordinator versus an in-house coordinator. (With our experience and working with in-house coordinators.)

-If you decide to hire an in-house coordinator, typically you are hiring their Catering Manager. This means that stylized, designed vision you had may be completely your responsibility.

ROCKNEVENTS (and outside-coordinators) are typically design centered & specialize in detailed themes and ideas! As event/wedding designers we never expect our Brides & Grooms to have their entire vision complete. It's our job (and our favorite part of the planning process) to find those small details that will make your wedding stunning. As your designers, we are here to compliment our couples not complicate the wedding process.

-An in-house coordinator is typically seen as a bonus for booking the venue. Which they may be, but this simply means they work for the venue not your vision.

ROCKNEVENTS is 100% about you and your vision. From the moment of booking to your big day, we are 100% focused on bringing your vision to life! Again, we love designing! We are as addicted to Pinterest as you are and we'd love to see that secret board no one knows about! Our bonus is working for you! We love hearing all your ideas, no matter how insane they may seem. When we meet our couples we can't help but become so obsessed with their vision and how to make it come to life! It's never a bonus for our clients to work for us! It's our HONOR to work with you!

-Like any business, a venue is ultimately focused on doing business. Which includes pumping up their Preferred Vendors, whether or not they fit your wedding style.

ROCKNEVENTS  also has a Preferred Vendor list, but at the end of the day we're here to bring your vision to life. If none of our Preferred Vendors fit your style we'll research your options until we find "The One".  It's as simple as that. No one should feel pressured to hire a photographer because, "They've photographed our venue countless times." You should be confident in every vendor you book and never wonder if they endorsed them for anyone other than you! When working with an outside coordinator you immediately widen your vendor network. We are constantly connecting with new vendors and have no proximity limit to our design style!

-Lastly, when working directly with a venue, chances are you will simply become a calendar date. You may meet and discuss event details, but that personal on-on-one touch may never become a factor.

At ROCKNEVENTS we pride ourselves in our personal design style. We love to get to know our Brides & Grooms and in-corporate details into their day that they may not have thought of! We love to finding out the smallest details from how you met, to the proposal to how you each envision your big day! No wedding should be designed simply because it worked for the last couple. Your big day is all about what makes you two unique an how it celebrates your love!

As we've said before, Rock N' Events is in the business of L O V E. We can't help but fall in love with our couples and how they envision not only their big day, but the rest of their lives. No couple should ever feel pressured or cornered in any wedding decision! So, whether you decide on an outside or in-house wedding coordinator, find the best fit for YOU and Rock your Big Day!

*All photos include feature real Rock N' Brides & Grooms*


Mexican Catholic Weddings by Jenny Chang

Throughout the centuries the Catholic Church has produced weddings full of deep spirituality and rich symbolism. During a catholic wedding you can expect a prayerful, dignified, sacred liturgy. In Mexican culture marriage is viewed as a deep unbreakable bond between the couple. From this belief system various customs take place, alongside with breathtaking locations. Each of these attributes set the background for a unique spiritual and beautiful wedding ceremony.

Most Mexican Catholic wedding ceremonies take place during Catholic Mass, and beautiful cultural rituals that accompany the service.

 ImageThe first tradition is the el Lazo, or the Lasso, which is the double rosary or white cord in the shape of a figure eight. It is placed around the necks of the couple after they have exchanged have exchanged their vows. The symbolism of the lazo is to show the union and protection of marriage. 


Another custom is the exchanging arras or coins. The groom gives the arras to the bride to represent his commitment and support to her. The bride accepts them, ready to manage the responsibilities of marriage wisely and take care of her groom. 




During a Catholic wedding the bride and groom will often present flowers Virgin Mary and prayer for her intercession throughout their marriage. This custom stems from the long devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico. 





These few traditions are great ways of incorporating the Mexican and Catholic customs to your wedding ceremony!





Outdoor Summer Wedding? Want To Keep Your Guest Cool? by Jenny Chang




Outdoor Summer weddings although they are beautiful, may serve as a bit of a pain to your guest. They arrive early to sit in the sun and face the possibility of being stung by a bee! Ok, it may not be that extreme, but heat, sweat, and insects serve for a bad combination especially in the Summer. Add some of these favors to your wedding to better accommodate your guest during your ceremony! Use sunglasses block the sun, insect spray to avoid the bugs, and fans to block the heat! 





Will you be my bridesmaid? by Jenny Chang

Picking who will be your bridesmaid is an important decision. These are the girls that will be with you every step of the journey towards your wedding. So you want to make sure you select the perfect group. This is difficult because you don't want to leave anybody out or hurt feelings but you also need to consider what is best for your wedding. You want as little stress as possible- the last thing you want is your bridesmaids arguing the whole time. Here are a few tips on who to select as your bridesmaids. 


1. Take your time and think about who you want in your bridal party. Right after he proposes your might will probably start making a list of who to ask. But make sure you pick the right girls. Remember that you can always ask someone to be in your wedding, but you can not take back that invitation. 


2. More isn't better. The rule of thumb is one bridesmaids per 50 guests. Of course this isn't something you have to follow but merely a guideline to help you. Remember that the more bridesmaids you have the more people you have to have agree on certain things such as dresses, bridal party date and other details. 


3. Family comes first. Be sure to include your sister(s) and sister-in-law. Nothing is worse than a bitter family member. Even if you two don't have the best relationship, this journey will allow you to spend more time together and build that bond. Family always has your back also, they will want whats best for you and make sure that you are happy at the end of the day. 


4. Don't be pressured. Don't ask someone just because they asked you to be in their bridal party.  Also don't be pressured by friends who are hinting that they want to be in the bridal party. If you don't feel that they will help contribute to your bridal party, don't ask them to be in it. This is your wedding process so at the end of the day, you make the decisions. 


5. Think about them as a group. You want your bridal party to mesh will together. Having a lot of different personalities can lead to conflict but you want them to all join forces and ensure that your wedding is successful. You don't need the added stress of two bridesmaids fighting. 


6. Can they handle it? Think about their current life situations. Are they going through a divorce? Can they financially handle it? The best way to figure this out is to simply talk to them as "I'd love for you to be a bridesmaid, but I understand the tough time you're going through now. If you can't do it, I'd love to find something else for you to do in the wedding." 


7. It is an honor but also a responsibility. Your bridesmaids will help you make decisions throughout your wedding planning. It is like a job that requires a lot of attention and commitment. So do you really want to pick the girl that consistently bails on all the plans you make?