Top 5 Rock N' Honeymoon Destinations / by Jenny Chang

Congratulations, you just got married and after all that celebrating with everyone else it’s time for you and your best friend to have some #AloneTime! You deserve it. Your honeymoon is all about starting your new life off with a bang! #Wink From beach destinations, to old world cities, to arctic exploring, we have chosen to highlight five of the most rockin’ destinations for your honeymoon!

So Far From Bora Boring!

Bora Bora, located in the French Polynesian islands, is the ultimate tropical getaway. There are so many resorts that have bungalows that plunge out over the ocean. Wake up and see the fishies through your glass floor! These secluded bungalows are perfect for relaxing in the sun on your private deck #ClothingOptional! There is no reason that you can’t just stay in, order room service and enjoy in-room spa treatments. If you need to get out of the hut, take a sailing excursion on a private boat, or find your way to the local restaurants! Just make sure while you’re there you don’t pull a Kim Kardashian and lose your $175,000 earring!

Tu Sei L'unico Per Me

Venice, you are the only one for me! Italy has so many different things to offer for those in love. Take in the Grand Canal on a gondola and be taken back to a simpler time! I promise it will feel like you’re straight out of a movie. Take in the cathedral ceilings at Saint Mark’s Basilica and revel in the old-world architecture! Of course, this is my favorite part of Italy- the food. Where else are you going to get the most authentic pizza and amazing pasta dishes? Sip your morning cappuccino, and later go out for some gelato #YUM!

If you feel the need to get out of Venice, visit Tuscany- only a two and a half hour drive. Here you can enjoy some of the best wines the country has to offer. Go wine tasting, take tours of the wineries, and take in the views that have been reflected in some of the most famous art pieces! #IFoundMyRomeo in fair Verona. Verona is known for being the setting of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and you can visit Juliet’s balcony, or go see a show at the Arena di Verona. Italy is perfect honeymoon spot for the couple who wants to eat amazing food, see the sights, and celebrate love #ItallianVibes!

Lay All Your Love on Me

Live your Mamma Mia moment if you honeymoon in Santorini, Greece! When I think of Greece, I think about the blue and white covered mountains, and Santorini doesn’t disappoint. This is the ultimate mediterranean honeymoon spot! Did you know that you can ride donkeys around town?! Well you can, and that sounds awesome if I do say so myself. Santorini is so lit- it’s on a volcano! Hike around town to find the best beach spots, or even take a romantic sunset cruise to see a different side of the island. Be a hero and eat a gyro! #SuchAGreek Greece is the perfect instagrammable honeymoon location, so put on your most flowy dress, floppy hat, and shades and snap away! You and yours will be living a lush life in atop the hills of Santorini.

Meet Me in Scotland Edinburgh

When I think about one of the best spots in Northern Europe to honeymoon, I can’t help but think of Scotland! With endless attractions, Scotland is perfect for the couple who loves the outdoors! With medieval castles looming across the countryside, there are so many fun tours to be a part of. Visit the Edinburgh Castle, home to Scotland’s crown jewels! Bag a Munro. I know what you’re thinking.. I thought it was hilarious when I first heard it too! Bagging a Munro means that you were able to climb one of the 280 Munros mountains. This can be dangerous so make sure you know what you’re doing, or have a guide! Dive among the shipwrecks in Orkney. If climbing mountains, and deep water diving is a little too adventurous for your taste, go on a countryside walking tour along the locks and valleys- just make sure to keep an eye out for the lochness monster! After a long day of searching for #Nessie, find a local pub and fill up on Whiskey and Haggis, and if you want, sail across the Irish Sea and visit the Jameson distillery in Dublin, Ireland, right next door!

Honeymoon Under the Stars

If you’re like me, and are an avid watcher of the Bachelor, you fell in love with Lapland, Finland! This below freezing climate will keep you snuggled up to one another to keep eachother warm #FeelTheHeat. Stay in your glass igloo and stare up at the sky, and hopefully you will see the Northern Lights! The aurora borealis are a phenomenon that not many people have the privilege of getting to see, and you get to do in your partner’s arms. If you are willing to brave the cold there is a lot that Finland has to offer. Take a safari through the snow and see the wildlife of Finland, swim with the seals, search for bears, wolves, and the Oh-So-Fabulous Wolverine! Let’s heat things up now. Take a trip to the local sauna and kick back in a steamy hot tub for two! It’s your honeymoon so why not let things get steamy #AmIRight!?

Your honeymoon deserves to be as off the charts as you want it to be! Sometimes planning the wedding can make it feel like it’s for everyone else, but this is really your time to be together and tune out the rest of the world. Wherever you choose to go, enjoy each other and your new rockin’ life, and if you’re still unsure of where you want to go and what you want to do, let Rock N’ Events plan your ultimate Rock N’ Honeymoon! #RockNVaycay