Unapologetically Edgy Product Launch Parties / by Jenny Chang

A product launch party should be so luxe it’s a crime.

A launch party is your one opportunity to take your brand and go f**king wild with it. Planning a launch party is demanding, elaborate, and most of all, a hell of a time.

Besides that, a successful launch party should be full of fresh ideas that trigger creativity and originality.

This is your brand, your product, and your reputation. ROCKNEVENTS is all about creating badass parties that represent you and your rockin’ self.

Here’s the inside scoop on the creation of unapologetically edgy product launch parties:

Be Yourself

The thing that will set your product launch apart from your competitors is your ability to be yourself. If your brand doesn’t represent your personality, you’re doing something wrong, chica. If you are genuine and original, your reputation will speak for itself. Those who know you or have heard of you, will come flocking to your product launch party simply because they are eager to witness your flawless creation.

Originality speaks volumes.

Connections Are Everything

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again -- connections are everything when it comes to building a successful business and brand.

Networking is more than a meeting, grabbing a business card, and hoping the person will show up to your product launch. Be genuine in your relationships and invest time with the best of the best and the loyalty will be reciprocated. You will always be rewarded for being legit in such a plastic industry. That’s when being a badass b*tch will come in handy.

Product Launch Party


Pick an Out-Of-The-Box Venue

For a product launch party, an imposing venue is an absolute must. The venue should never take away from the product, but it should flawlessly compliment your creation. Guests are craving a unique experience that brings out their inner rock star. Have your party at a venue that is nothing short of luxury and extravagance.

Our go-to trend is taking a product launch party to an international venue. Who doesn’t love a destination? Whether it’s to the beaches of Cabo or the jungles of Costa Rica, a destination launch party is straight up irresistible.

Choosing a Related Theme

The theme of your launch party should be trendy, modern, and f**king edgy. Perhaps you’re launching a new makeup line, this doesn’t mean your launch party has to be dainty and girly. Take your guests by surprise and be rebellious. Dark linens and pin spot lighting will create a rockin’ dream.

Every industry is competitive and only a select few stand out from the crowd.

Be that person. You won’t regret it.

Unique Entertainment

The goal of a product launch party is to educate while entertaining your guests. This isn’t a school lesson. Yes, we want to learn about your kickass product and why we need it, but we don’t want to be bored when we could be partying. Whether you’re looking to hire a live band or a comedian, entertainment is an important element to designing a successful (and lit) launch party.

ROCKNEVENTS is the definition of luxurious parties. If you’re launching a product and are ready to throw an unforgettable party, call us for cocktails and a consultation. The RNE design process is intricate and personal and we promise to always deliver. We’re loud, outspoken, & badass. So are you. Let’s cut the BS & start planning your product launch party already. Call us today to get started. (424) 272-6477