5 Ways To Make The Groom’s Day More Special / by Jenny Chang

Today might be your big day, but it’s your man’s special day too. Sometimes a wedding feels like the focus is only on the bride, but ROCKNEVENTS is all about making the groom feel just as important. No bridezillas. No assh*les. Just badass couples that love each other and are eager to party.

Brides, here are 5 ways to make your groom’s day more special.

Boudoir Photo Shoot

Perhaps one of the sexiest and most intimate wedding trends is boudoir photography. Fill a classic photo album with your favorite shots and leave it in his dressing room with a pretty bow on top, or maybe even your hottest panties.

Whether you’re into lace or satin, or nothing at all, anything will fly in this photoshoot. Express your inner bad b*tch and susprise your future sexy husband with these explicit-content teasers.

Let’s be real, this gift might be for him, but it’s for you too. After a boudoir photo shoot, our brides leave feeling hot, confident, and ready to honeymoon already!

Buy Him a Designer Suit

The most beautiful a woman will ever feel is when she’s in her wedding dress. Why shouldn’t a man be given the same opportunity? Go suit shopping with your groom and invest in a stunning designer suit that he can wear for his big day, and for years to come. Once he picks a suit he loves, get it specially tailored to fit those muscles (and that package) just right.

Groom's Wedding Style

Write Him a Letter

Whether you’re going the traditional route or writing your own wedding vows, leaving him a private letter to read before the ceremony is a capturing way to make him feel starry-eyed… and hot all over. Make it funny, memorable, and sassy, leaving him wanting more and counting down the hours until you’re alone.

Speaking of being alone…

Have a Drink Together

Once the ceremony is over and you’re heading over to the reception, take a few minutes to be alone and savor the moment. Take this alone time to regroup and relax with each other before it’s time to get lit! Have your first drink together, toast to this incredible celebration, and maybe even throw in a rebellious quickie (wink wink).

Gift Him a Memory

Sure, it might be a little cheesy, but that’s love, right?

Surprise your groom with a gift that reminds him of how you first met. If you met in a bar, gift him a bottle of his drink from that night. If you met in college, purchase tickets to a college ball game and go on a trendy date. If you met right before your walk of shame, that’s fine too, a pair of boxers will do. Taking a trip down memory lane is always fun. Plus, who doesn’t like throwback sex?

ROCKNEVENTS lives for producing one-of-a-kind weddings for couples who just f**king love each other. It’s your special day, and his, so don’t settle for ordinary. Contact us today for a personalized and extravagant wedding from start to finish. (424) 272-6477