The Ways Music Will Rock Your Wedding! / by Jenny Chang

This morning I got in my car and turned on the radio. Because it’s December, some holiday music came on, and instantly I wasn’t in my car anymore. I was transported into a winter wonderland! It was then that I realized just how influential music can be when it comes to setting the mood, be it for the day, or for your event, music is a must!

Every moment needs a soundtrack. Music is more important than you know, and can really affect your guests guests in a positive and negative way! Rock the night away knowing your guests will enjoy every second of your Big Day, and have a memory for every song!

First things first it all comes down to the feel of the music! When picking music for your ceremony, it’s important to set a certain mood. Do you want your guests to feel the formality of your day? Try having live piano being played as they enter. The difference between live music and a DJ is incredible. Having live music will make your ceremony feel more intimate, and personal. You can always have a DJ play Canon in D, but there is something about listening to someone sing the couple's’ song while playing acoustic guitar, that brings tears to my eyes every time. #SymphonyOfLove! If you really want to go live, skip the DJ all together and go for a swing band! Nothing will get people on their feet more than a big brass band!

It’s all about those harmonious vibes, and there is definitely an advantage to having a DJ at your wedding! They have such a variety of songs that they can play on demand, and you don’t have to worry about any last minute music changes. You can also create a mix of songs that you want to hear, so you can have your fans doing the hoe-down throw down one minute, and fist bumping the next! #PartyTime! 

The music you choose sets the tone for your whole evening! Make sure the songs you choose are of the cleanest version, or at least mildly tamed. We have all been dancing to a song and all of a sudden someone’s singing “Fuck That Shit Get Outta Your Mind” in front of grandma #OOPS Remember who your audience is, and they will thank you by dancing the night away!

More than anything, the music at your wedding is the soundtrack to your new beginning as partners. The songs you dance to will grow with you, and each song will have a special memory attached to it. You deserve to have a symphonic movie moment when you have your first dance, and that song will always remind you of how special your partner is, and the love that you share. #CrazyInLove Your first dance song is so much more than just your song. It represents who you are as a couple, and you will forever have that song, and that moment.

Now I have said that every moment needs a soundtrack- and it’s true! Did you know that you need a song for when you cut your cake? You do! Not just any old song that the DJ pulls out, make it one that’s important to who you are as a couple! There are many other moments where you need to have songs prepared. #WhoKnew?! Rock N’ Events knew, and we want you to be followed by a concert of memories! From your processional, cocktail hour, to the bouquet toss, each moment deserves to be underscored by amazing music.

Closing Time! I can’t stress the importance of having a last song enough! This song is a way to say thank you, and to have the chance at one last dance #TurnDownForLove Your last song is the lasting impression of your big day. Make it a movie-moment and have a ROCKN’ send off!

If you don’t know where to go to find great selections, check out Rock N’ Events on Spotify!