Cake is Overrated: Wedding Desserts to Totally Wow Your Guests / by Jenny Chang

Don’t get me wrong, a tiered wedding cake is beautiful, luxurious, and embodies all things wedding glam. But, when something has been done time and time again, it loses its oomph. (and oomph is important!)

ROCKNEVENTS is all about breaking the rules, disregarding old trends and starting our own freaking trends!

Bottom line: Cake is overrated.

These alternative wedding desserts are elegant, luxe, and most importantly, unique. Keep reading for the inside scoop.

Cupcake Bar

While the traditional tiered wedding cake can be a bit boring, we can’t write off cake completely. Dessert bars and food stations are a fun and trendy way to amp up your wedding’s experience. Everyone loves sweets, and almost everyone loves a decadent, moist cupcake. Whether you decide to have a make-your-own cupcake bar or have an experienced pastry chef design an over-the-top cupcake display, you just can’t go wrong with cupcakes.

Dessert Food Station

Decadent Drizzled Donuts

Donuts, am I right?

For all of the donut lovers out there, this wedding dessert option is a must. There are few things more delicious than a warm glazed donut (by the way, cake is definitely not one of them). For your special day, be a badass and opt for a tower of beautifully glazed donuts instead of the traditional wedding cake.

Cake Pops

This delectable little treat is perfect for an intimate outdoor wedding. If cake is one of your favorite desserts, but the traditional wedding cake just isn’t doing it for you, cake pops are the way to go. They’re cute, festive, and so delicious. Plus, cake pops can be decorated just as beautifully as a tiered cake and are sure to make a bold statement.

Dessert Shots Shots Shots

Whether you decide to incorporate some tequila or not (for the record, you totally should), dessert shots are a simple way to incorporate multiple desserts into your wedding reception. With intricate shot glasses made up of mini pastries, cakes, and layered desserts, these taste-tester-style desserts allow your guests to indulge in more than just one!

Colorful French Macarons

This infamous French dessert is one of the most luxurious, perfectly constructed cookies in the world. They’re sweet, airy, and contain a gooey filling that cannot compete with any other dessert.  Not only are French Macarons absolutely delicious, but they also create an out-of-this-world presentation. Macarons are traditionally presented in beautiful pastry boxes or stacked on top of each other in a colorful tower.

You can have personalized macaron boxes for each guest, or they can grab their own like a typical dessert table. Whichever path you choose, you’re bound to take your guests by surprise.

Selecting your wedding dessert is only one of the major decisions you need to make as the bride. Our All-Star wedding producers are an all-in-one friend, wedding designer, and professional problem solver. Weddings are about creating a lifetime of memories in just one night. At ROCKNEVENTS, we design and produce freaking jaw-dropping (literally) weddings. Contact us for drinks and a consultation and let’s get started on planning your special day!