Wedding Producing: 6 Exclusive Tips from the Experts / by Jenny Chang

Not every wedding planner has what it takes to be a wedding producer. Creating a phenomenal wedding, where luxury meets edge, can be a difficult task. Luckily, for you, it’s what we do best. From trendy to futuristic, modern wedding planning is about capturing the attention of party-goers. Here are Team RNE’s 6 exclusive tips on exceptional wedding production.

Time is Your Greatest Tool

Knowing how to manage your time will always be your greatest tool. Being able to work with time makes a 3 person team function like a 10 person team. Wedding planners with limited staff should master the skill of time management, as should the most experienced wedding planners. A wedding producer who is organized, punctual, and knows how to coordinate, will always produce stunning results. Following a schedule is key in preventing mistakes, which guarantees a smooth wedding production.

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Leadership & Delegation

A rockin’ wedding producer knows how to work with people, and more importantly, delegate team members. There are many elements that go into producing a wedding. One person can’t accomplish all planning and design aspects without a well delegated team. Coordinating an entire event requires well-trained and properly assigned team members. A successful wedding producer knows how to work with people, but is also a badass b*tch.

Design & Creativity

A wedding and event designer, in other words, is an artist. Taking a vision and bringing that to life, all while going above and beyond a client’s expectations, requires creativity and design. The average person doesn’t realize the amount of detail that goes into creating a luxe and elegant wedding. A wedding producer knows that every detail is thought about and taken care of from beginning to end.

Digital-First Mindset

Want to thrive in the modern wedding planning industry? Put down the old school pen and paper and pick up technology. Wedding production is about more than the event itself. It’s about creating brand pride and a spotless reputation, keeping clients coming back for more rockin’ parties. Document your event creations on social media, through blogging, and online publishers. A digital-first mindset will set you apart from old school competitors and will help to promote your brand.

Wedding Production

Be a Badass Disruptor

In an evolving industry, trends only last so long. Don’t follow trends, set them. Be an unapologetic disruptor in the wedding industry and design extravagant weddings that break all the rules, in the best way possible! We’ve all seen the typical Pinterest mason jar wedding, go out of the box and design something rustic, glamorous, and that no one has ever experienced before. Modern wedding planning is about creating events that bring out the inner rock star in people and nothing less.

All Star Roster

Without an all-star team, an event can’t be properly executed. With so many intricate details to take care of when producing a wedding, efficient and hardworking curators are an absolute must. Surrounding yourself with the best of the best, whether it’s your wedding planning team, vendors, or caterers, will always place you ahead of those who don’t.

That wraps up our 6 exclusive tips on how produce weddings like an expert, which we are. We live for the design, execution, and satisfaction of creating luxurious parties that are nothing short of perfect. You want a one-of-a-kind experience for your friends, family, guests, and partner. We make that happen. Call us today for drinks and a consultation to find out how. (424) 272-6477