Why Cookie-Cutter Weddings Just Don’t Cut It / by Jenny Chang

“I want to have a traditional, been-there-done-that, kind of wedding", said no one ever.

And I mean literally, no one, wants to have or go to a cookie-cutter wedding.

Your wedding day should be the sh*t.

Your wedding day should ooze modern luxury from every angle. Cookie cutter weddings just don’t cut it for ROCKNEVENTS. Why? Because badass parties are what we live for.

Be You, Girl

There’s an endless amount of ways to personalize your wedding ceremony and reception. Make your wedding unique, and look for inspiration in the most unusual places. Depending on the style you’re rooting for, and the vibe you want to accomplish, an all-star planner can design something extraordinary. Pin-spot lighting, specialty chair styles, color schemes, and floral arrangements are just some of the elements that will set your bada** wedding apart.

Break the rules, screw the trends, and choose what you want with your special day--Rock N’ Events will make it happen.

An Unforgettable Venue

The backbone of an out-of-the-box wedding is an exceptional venue that your guests would never expect. A cookie cutter wedding venue looks like every wedding you’ve ever been to, which is totally not the goal. Where’s the rebellion, the edginess?

Behind every unforgettable wedding is a f**king jaw-dropping wedding venue. You can find rockin’ wedding vibes at majestic venues like the posh Filoli Gardens or the daring cliffs of the Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards.

Eclectic Design Elements

Twinkling lights and overflowing tablecloths have been done time and time again.

Let’s cut that sh*t out.

20 foot high succulent walls and candles as far as the eye can see, now that’s vision. That’s what our brides want. And that’s what ROCKNEVENTS delivers. Did you say you want plush flowers draping from every inch of the ceiling? Done!

Wedding Tablescape

After Party

After hours is when sh*t really gets wild.

Rumour has it, your wedding reception can last ‘till dawn, and well who’s counting? Take the party to the next level and celebrate your love all night long. In more ways than a vodka shot, if you know what I mean.

It’s always nice to give your guests the option to keep on partying past midnight. Consider extending your reception hours or even taking things to a local bar for some restless fun!

Stunning Florals

Perhaps the most eye-catching gorgeous part of wedding production is the intricate floral design. One of our favorite floral trends is low centerpieces that drape to the ends of the tables. It’s so over-the-top luxurious, we can’t help but drool. Lavish roses, palatial succulents, and sumptuous hydrangeas all give off that modern deluxe vibe we crave.

“A cookie-cutter wedding, what’s that?” says every badass wedding planner out there. We are disruptors in the wedding industry. Say goodbye to Pinterest weddings and hello to the era of ROCKNEVENTS wedding production. We’re loud, outspoken, and badass. So are you. Let’s cut the BS and start planning your wedding already. Join our kickass family ASAP.