Corporate event planning launches businesses into success, prosperity, and of course, pure bliss. Whether you own a startup or are launching a new revolutionary product, your business accomplishments deserve a corporate event of epic proportions. A corporate celebration is much more than just a party. 

It’s an invaluable experience for you and your guests. ROCKNEVENTS puts on corporate events worth gossiping about. With a niche for perfect event design and an avant-garde point-of-view, we are made for corporate event planning. 



Corporate events are some of the most bomb parties to not only attend but also to plan. When a business throws a product launch party, seminar, charity event, or even a networking event, hiring a corporate event planner is a must. 

Corporate event planning, much like other events, entails an extensive amount of development, design, and preparation. To throw a kickass corporate party, you must think outside the box. Much like business, corporate event planning entails quick problem-solving skills, focus, and a clear-cut vision. 

Take the risk and dive into planning your next corporate event with ROCKNEVENTS. 


Want to launch your business into the stratosphere? Looking to build lifelong connections?Craving inspiration?

Throwing a corporate event is the answer to all of your dilemmas. A corporate event gives companies the opportunity to market their brand, build networking connections, share ideas and gain knowledge, and create an atmosphere for coworkers to become better teammates. Bottom line: corporate events motivate employees, customers, and bosses to operate to the best of their ability. 

We plan corporate events that will light a spark in the eyes of your guests. Read on for the inside scoop in our corporate event planning process. 



Corporate event planning with ROCKNEVENTS is out-of-this-world luxurious, trendy, and edgy. Each event our Producers design is planned specifically for each client, occasion, and individual taste. With outrageously creative minds, we nail the client’s vision every damn time. Here’s how it’s done:

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To begin the corporate event planning process, your event producer will perform a budget analysis. Next, we’ll attend several walkthrough tours of potential destinations until you decide which one is fit for your event. Every event needs a stellar venue. Sometimes throwing out the rulebook and producing a badass event at an LA mansion is just what corporate needs. Whether it be a local venue or a destination celebration, the perfect venue is the basis for a successful corporate event. Once that’s settled, we’ll start setting up all required licenses, permits, and event day insurance. Lastly, your event producer will prepare a detailed minute-by-minute timeline of the event production. 




Phase 2: Scope the Vendors


Next, it’s time to assess vendors. Your event planner will assess and manage all vendor and venue contracts and proposals while handling client payment distribution. Then, we will schedule a meet-and-greet with all service vendors so our clients can get better acquainted with who they are working with.

Phase 3: Bring it to Life With Stationary 

Your event producer will design, build, and maintain the website for your corporate event. Our digital-first mindset will allow you to easily access your event plans and stay stress-free during the corporate event planning process. Your RNE event producer will also handle, design, address, and mail all promotional invitations and flyers. 

Phase 4: The 5 Stage Design Journey

Finally, taking our clients through the 5 stage design journey, but we'll save that all for later!

Phase 5: It’s Time to go Live

In order to have a show-stopping corporate party, we will perform a SWOT analysis. It is complete with a backup planning process that will resolve any unwanted occurrences with accurate plans for execution. Your corporate event producer will be in charge of finalizing all final VIP guest RSVPs, reserving final design orders and rentals, and coordinating all service and design vendors. 

On the day of the event, here is everything your corporate event planner will take care of:

  • Assembly and role assignment of the RNE Team
  • A minimum of 5 professional certified event trained producers on the day of production
  • Communication of final details
  • Fully stocked production box and coordinator kit
  • Orchestrate all arrival times, departure time, special moments and celebrations with service vendors for accurate expectations
  • All day production set-up and a full breakdown
  • Packing and sending all personal items off with our Star Members

A corporate celebration is the start of your success. ROCKNEVENTS values designing and producing revolutionary parties that inspire guests to become supporters of your brand. You want a one-of-a-kind journey for your attendees. We make that happen. Connect with us today to start planning your corporate event