At ROCKNEVENTS, our mission is to design electric events that inspire you to celebrate your inner rock star. We are unparalleled event producers looking for clients with an uncanny craving to party. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday bash, or glamorous gala, ROCKNEVENTS has you covered from top to bottom. Our trendy yet edgy design is sure to generate oohs and ahs. Looking for an over-the-top event planner who can bring your dream to life? You’ve come to the right place. With an unmatched eye for intricate design, we are your match made in heaven.



An event producer is a professional curator of design, parties, and the art of celebration.

Being an event producer is all about creating a flawless experience for partygoers to let loose, take tequila shots, and dance all night. Event producers do it all - birthday parties, baby showers, charity galas, product launch parties, and anything else you could possibly dream of.

When producing an event, every detail related to the party is in the producer's hands. Whether it be the initial vision or the nitty-gritty details, the success of the event is directly related to their involvement. Complete dedication, focus, and creativity are crucial to the production of your celebration, and it’s absolutely vital that your event producer is a hands-on producer.

Event production is an art. There’s no other way to put it. With a talented eye for design, the ability to think innovatively and inspire leading-edge productions, every event is a true masterpiece.

Submerge yourself in the lap of luxury with a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. At ROCKNEVENTS, we are event producers with a passionate drive to design and produce fresh ideas and stunning parties that will take your effing breath away.


There are many components of event producing. As it goes with all parties, there are many elements to consider. Each party-thrower is celebrating a different occasion, has their unique vision, a specific budget, and an individual style.

When producing an event, the producer must consider all of these factors. First, the occasion. If the client is putting on a charity event, the venue and design are going to be vastly different than if it were an LA summer music festival.

Next, what is the client envisioning for their event? Do they want a formal vibe with the luxurious yet edgy decor, or are they dreaming of something ethereal and candle lit? As an event producer, this is the most rewarding part of producing celebrations - bringing dreams to life.

Every client has a specific budget they would like to work with for their event. It’s the producer's responsibility to stay within the budget while simultaneously producing a breathtaking experience.

Lastly, the client’s style should shine through every aspect of the event. This is why every event producer needs to take the time to get to know their client. A celebration that plays off of the personality and style of the client will always be more meaningful and personable to the host and the guests.

Just as every client has their exclusive and individual styles, so do event producers. Our style can be summed up like this: loud (but subtle), unapologetic, and above all, luxurious. Each Producer at ROCKNEVENTS is diverse, experienced, and ready to plan your next rockin’ event.


We create out-of-this-world, remarkable, and memorable events. Under the expertise of our Founder, Jenny Chang, and each accomplished Producer, our events are nothing short of perfection. We’ll let you in on a little secret. ROCKNEVENTS is leading the event planning industry with class, sass, and a whole lot of… skill. We thrive off of making our clients’ dreams come true. Through every wedding, event, and corporate party, our goal is to enhance your vision right before your eyes. You want an experience that transcends you and your guests to another world. We make that happen. So how do we accomplish this intimidating task? In five detailed and carefully curated phases.

Phase 1: Search for the Scene

To begin, we perform a budget analysis. Once the budget is settled, we move on to the fun part - scouting for venues! We’ll take part in various walkthrough tours of potential locations until our client finds the perfect one. These days, venues are becoming the most influential aspect of an event. A trend among millennials is building from the ground up, literally. We’ve seen clients purchase a piece of land solely for the purpose of partying. If that isn’t badass, I don’t know what is.

Once that is taken care of, we’ll start setting up all required licenses, permits, and event day insurance. If necessary, your event planner will also manage hotel blocking for all attendees. Phase one is complete once a minute-by-minute timeline of the event production is distributed.

Phase 2: Scope the Vendors

Next, it’s time to book your selected vendors. Your event planner will assess and manage all vendor and venue contracts and proposals while handling client payment. Once this is completed, a meet and greet with all service vendors and our Star Members will take place.

Phase 3: Bring it to Life With Stationary

Your event planner will design, build, and maintain the website for your event. Our digital-first mindset sets us apart from old school competitors and allows our clients to throw an exclusive party with ease. Your RNE event planner will also handle, design, address and mail all promotional invitations and flyers.

Phase 4: The 5 Stage Design Journey

It’s time to take our clients through the 5 stage design journey, but we’ll save those details for later!

Phase 5: It’s Time To Go Live

On the day of the event, we put our right hand over our hearts and solemnly swear to deliver an experience that soars above your expectations. After months of planning, our Producers dedicate themselves to providing a killer experience for you and your guests. With the ability to solve problems efficiently, think outside the box, and be by your side at your beck and call, we will put on a badass party.

We accomplish this by performing a SWOT analysis with a fallback planning process that will resolve any unwanted occurrences with accurate plans. Your event producer will be in charge of finalizing all final VIP guest RSVPs, finalizing and reserving final design orders and rentals, orchestrating all service and design vendors all while curating every detail.

Here is what you can expect from your RNE event planner on the day of your event:

●       Assembly and role assignment of the RNE Team

●       A minimum of 5 professional certified event trained producers on the day of production

●       Communication of final details

●       Fully stocked production box and coordinator kit

●       Orchestrate all arrival times, departure time, special moments and celebrations with service vendors for accurate expectations

●       All day production set-up and a full breakdown

●       Packing and sending all personal items off with our Star Members

Now that we have the perfect cocktail for a modern party experience, we can take a sip (or gulp).

ROCKNEVENTS is in the business of bringing visions to life. Our greatest pleasure is designing stunning events that are everything the client wanted, and then some. We go out of bounds to accomplish the extravagant and fascinating parties our clients ache for. No matter your vision, our event producers promise to design a party that is unique, memorable, and of course, badass.

Experience the good life as you tour with ROCKNEVENTS for your next luxurious celebration. We’ve got the best of both worlds: 1) a team that will treat you like family and 2) an enthusiastic eye for design.

This event is about you. Dance to the beat of your own drum with ROCKNEVENTS event planning. No fluff, no bullsh*t, just kickass parties. Contact us today for an event planner consultation