It’s no secret that planning a wedding is an elaborate and intricate journey. Without an all-star wedding planner, your wedding experience is bound to be subpar. Who wants that? A ROCKNEVENTS wedding producer is a badass curator with a keen eye for design and execution. 

Looking for a wedding planner who's going to rock your world? You’re in the right place. 


A wedding producer at ROCKNEVENTS is so much more than a professional who just hashes out the details for your wedding. We take on full responsibility for every aspect of your wedding by planning, delegating, managing, and executing absolute wedding perfection. From the tablescape design to the pin spot lighting, we plan immaculate weddings that will take your breath away. A key factor in wedding planning is solving any problems that may arise quickly and efficiently while not being afraid to think outside the box. In such a fast paced industry, it’s crucial that our wedding producers are built for strategizing and implementing spectacular results for our clients. On the wedding producer spectrum, ROCKNEVENTS sits at the top. By hiring us, you can be damn sure that your wedding will be an event to remember. 


ROCKNEVENTS wedding planners are true disruptors, in the classy sense of the word. We don’t work for the wedding industry, we revolutionize it. Whatever your vision, we can make it a reality. More specifically, a wedding planner establishes and maintains the budget, vouches for excellent vendors, designs a master wedding plan that captures every personal detail, and even serves as your spokesperson. Being a bride can be overwhelming with family and friends telling you what you should want, but we’re here to give you what you actually want. We have your back. Did you say you want an electric violinist and a lavish succulent wall with twinkling string lights? Done, we love bringing out your inner rock star! ...And there’s more. As a Star Member of ROCKNEVENTS, our clients are like family. With a diverse roster of expert wedding producers, each power couple is guaranteed a luxurious wedding celebration that genuinely captures their individuality and taste.



Now that you see the importance of hiring a wedding planner get ready to have a ROCKNEVENTS VIP experience. Our Producers are entirely unmatched -- we guarantee you will find no one with expertise like ours. 

Let’s journey into what it’s like working with a ROCKNEVENTS wedding planner:



Phase 1: Search for the Scene

First, we begin with the basis of every badass wedding - the venue. Once we have performed a wedding budget analysis, we will start scheduling walkthrough tours of potential venues. Your wedding planner will take care of setting up all of the required licenses, permits, and even wedding day insurance. To make your wedding as easy to attend as possible, we will research and reserve hotel blocks for your attendees. Lastly, we will distribute a minute-by-minute timeline of the big day.

Phase 2: Scope the Vendors

Now that you have chosen your dream venue, we will take care of assessing all venue and vendor contracts, proposals, and payment distribution. ROCKNEVENTS has connections with the best of the best in the wedding industry. From venues to vendors, we only associate our wedding planning process with industry members we know we can count on to make your big day spectacular. Then, we will schedule a meet and greet with all of the service vendors, to ensure that you are comfortable and understood. 

Phase 3: Flying with Paper Airplanes

Set your wedding apart with intricate and beautiful wedding stationery. We will research, design, address, and mail all of your save the dates, wedding invitations, and thank you cards. 

Phase 4: The 5 Stage Design Journey

Next, we take our members through our person 5 stage design tour, but we’ll save all that for later!

Phase 5: It’s Time To Go ‘Live!’

It’s showtime! It’s the day of your wedding production and we will do everything in our power to make it flawless. This includes a SWOT analysis and fallback planning process that will resolve all unwanted occurrences with accurate plans and problem-solving techniques. Your wedding planner will be in charge of finalizing all wedding guest RSVPs, finalizing and reserving final design orders and rentals, orchestrating all service and design vendors, and the assembly and role assignment of Team RNE. 

Hold up, there’s even more. Your wedding planner will also take care of:

  • Communication of final details

  • In-person coordination of the wedding rehearsal with the bridal party

  • A minimum of five professional certified event trained producers on the day of production

  • Fully stocked bridal kit, production box, and coordinator kit

  • Orchestrate all arrival times, departure time, special moments and celebrations with service vendors for accurate expectations

  • All-day production set-up and a full breakdown

  • Packing and sending all personal items off with our Star Members


Let’s recap, shall we? 

We create unforgettable experiences where luxury meets parties. ROCKNEVENTS goes far beyond producing one-of-a-kind weddings. This is modern wedding planning for your inner rock star. Our divine wedding productions are nothing short of perfection. If you desire a vegan wedding that is nothing but environmentally friendly, you’ve got it. If you crave a floral haven saturated with fragrant roses and sparkling chandeliers, it’s yours. This is your day, the start of a lifetime, and we’re here to get loud! 

If you are engaged and looking for a wedding planner in Los Angeles, you have officially found your match. You’ve heard all of the rage around our rockin’ weddings, so take the plunge already! Whether you want a local Los Angeles wedding or a destination wedding on the sandy beaches of Turks and Caicos, we’ve got you covered. =

From top to bottom, we can make your wedding day effing spectacular. 

It’s your special day, don’t settle for an ordinary wedding planner. Contact us today for an unprecedented wedding experience from start to finish.