There’s a wedding and then there’s a destination wedding.

There is something so enchanting, romantic, and sexy about starting your married life in the place of your dreams. Whether you’re aiming for a wedding in the wild and flourishing jungle of Costa Rica or on the white sand beaches of Cabo, ROCKNEVENTS destination weddings will take you on a whirlwind adventure.

Planning a destination wedding takes experience, confidence, and a badass vision. Fortunately, ROCKNEVENTS has all of the qualities you’re looking for in a destination wedding planner. Hop on board and let’s take a deluxe journey to your destination wedding.



Destination weddings are everything you’ve ever dreamed of, but better--with a shot of rum and a cherry on top. Take your ultimate vision and drive it to paradise or to the rich vineyards of Italy. This is an opportunity for couples to rejoice and celebrate their new marriage in a spectacular location away from the busyness of home.

Our couples get married all around the world, such as the hot and steamy islands of Turks and Caicos or the beautiful mountains of Europe. There’s something extraordinary about picking a meaningful location for your wedding and beginning your marriage in an unforgettable scene.

A destination wedding, for many, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. How often do you get invited to a wedding across the globe? Not often enough! Your guests will thank you for inviting them on your wedding journey taking place at such an incredible location. At ROCKNEVENTS, our weddings are all driven by one thing - celebrating love. We want your destination wedding to be a party for the elite rock star by producing a modern wedding that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Plus, a destination wedding night calls for another level of passion and excitement. Who doesn’t want that?

Connect with ROCKNEVENTS, and you’ll have an unmatched destination wedding that leaves you and your guests with an everlasting memory.



Planning a wedding in itself is already a daunting task, planning a destination wedding is a whole other universe. Luckily, ROCKNEVENTS is already on some next level sh*t.

Planning destination weddings is one of our many specialties. Each of our Producers is equipped with the creative mindset and problem-solving skills needed to produce a luxurious destination wedding. So, what exactly goes into planning destination weddings? A lot.

That’s why hiring a skilled and experienced wedding planner to take this adventure with you is an absolute must. Because destination weddings take place around the world, planning a trip to visit the location and hash out all of the specifics is very important. If you can’t make a visit to your venue, your wedding planner should. In order to plan a successful wedding, a wedding producer must take care of the budget, vendors, venue, hotel, and fabulous design well in advance.

When planning any wedding, your wedding planner will act as your friend, spokesperson, and guide. During such a delicately intricate process, your wedding planner will be your support system and the person you lean on during important decisions. Anything you need or want for your big day, it’s in her hands. There are many decisions to be made during the wedding planning process - the destination, guest list, menu, place settings, wedding favors, and everything in between.

We have exceptionally creative minds and a badass attitude that places us ahead of our competitors. Don’t settle for an ordinary wedding, go on a worldwide tour with ROCKNEVENTS.


After years of daydreaming about your destination wedding, it’s time that it comes to life. Our clientele is like family. Once you join ROCKNEVENTS, we will be by your side planning every celebratory milestone in your lives. We plan your wedding like we are planning for our own. Your happiness on this special day is our number one priority. This is a day to celebrate the love between you are your forever partner. 

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Here is how ROCKNEVENTS plans a kickass destination wedding:

Phase 1: Search for the Scene

To get started, we’ll do a run-through of all the dirty details. We’ll break down the budget, begin the planning of group travel logistics, and scout for a worthwhile destination location. Once all of this is in place, we will set up all required licenses, permits, and wedding day insurance. All research and negotiations for air, hotel accommodations, travel protection, airport transfers, car rentals, and any other related travel services, is in the hands of your wedding producer. To ensure your guests have a place to stay, we’ll also manage hotel blocking. In order to keep things organized, we’ll even release a minute-by-minute timeline of the big day.

Each couple has a different vision and unique expectation for their wedding celebration. ROCKNEVENTS is passionate about capturing your vision and going above and beyond to create a party that will leave a lasting impression. 

Phase 2: Scope the Vendors

Next, your wedding planner will begin assessing all venue and vendor contracts and proposals while distributing client payment. Once that is all said in done, we will schedule a meet and greet with all service vendors. This gives the vendors a chance to get to know our Star Members and ease any concerns. 

We surround ourselves with the best of the best in this industry. We don’t work with bridezillas, a**holes, and we certainly don’t work with subpar vendors and businesses. It’s no surprise that vendors play a significant role in the success of an event. 

Whether it’s tables, chairs, entertainment, or catering, excellent customer service and a state-of-the-art product is all we tolerate. When working with vendors in another country, we have our favorites who we know we can count on and trust to make your destination wedding absolutely flawless. 

Your Wedding Producer will also coordinate hotel transfers by coach, limousine, helicopter, or luxury vehicle. 

Phase 3: Bring it to Life With Stationary

To make your destination wedding as stress-free as possible, your destination wedding planner will research, design, address, and mail all of your save the dates, wedding invites, and any other important wedding stationery. To create a seamless experience for our Star Members and their guests, we also design, build and maintain a wedding website. 

Phase 4: The 5 Stage Design Journey

Then, we’ll bring this all to life with a 5 stage design journey, but we’ll save those intricate details for later!

Phase 5: It’s Time to go Live

It’s the day of your destination wedding! Everything has come together, and we will do everything in our power to make it picture-perfect. This entails a SWOT analysis and fallback planning process that will resolve any unwanted occurrences with accurate plans and problem-solving techniques. Your wedding producer will be in charge of finalizing all wedding guest RSVPs, finalizing and reserving final design orders and rentals, orchestrating all service and design vendors, and the assembly and role assignment of Team RNE. 

Don’t hold your breath, there’s more. Your Wedding Producer will also be in charge of:

  • Communication of final details
  • In-person coordination of the wedding rehearsal with the bridal party
  • A minimum of 5 professional certified event trained producers on the day of production
  • Fully stocked bridal kit, production box, and coordinator kit
  • Orchestrate all arrival times, departure time, special moments and celebrations with service vendors for accurate expectations
  • All day production set-up and a full breakdown
  • Packing and sending all personal items off with our Star Members

This goes without saying, but we’ll go there anyway.

ROCKNEVENTS culture is about producing parties that are over-the-top luxurious, trendy, and rare. Our parties are unapologetically exclusive and luxe. When we begin the designing process, we take into account every last detail. Our Producers carefully curate the chairs, florals, place settings, and each and every candle. No detail goes unnoticed with our all-star planners. 

If your dream is to throw a destination wedding experience that your guests will never forget, you have come to the right place. We want to journey on a worldwide tour with you as we design, plan, and produce the wedding of a lifetime. 

We’re loud, outspoken, and badass. Let’s cut the BS and start planning your destination wedding already.