Wine nights & wedding planning! This was the unique tour I experienced when planning Nicole & Max's wedding. My star members are full of smiles, have the most positive and welcoming energy, and have quality taste too! Nicole & Max got married on the sandy beaches of Manhattan Beach, California. Their wedding day was made for them. The weather was perfect, the sunset lasted longer for them, and dolphins were peeking to witness the celebration. The festivities continued at the private beach house, The Verandas. Nicole & Max were open to all the details we could offer in their wedding design, from directional signs to fancy sandal baskets, platinum rimmed charger plates, and simplistic floral design by, FlorUnique. My girls and I were so happy to be working with a couple that shared the value in attention to details.




The choreography was perfect, once the clock started, everything happened on time, including the beautiful sunset wedding photos. Decorations, colors, music, and other details were handled with care and expertise and were absolutely perfect. We could not have pulled off a more beautiful wedding with any one else. - Star Member, Max Comess