Imagine living a life as a rock star. Now imagine a life, partying like one. At Rock N’ Events, that’s exactly who you are, and what you will experience in every wedding planning journey. Guided by the industry’s best wedding coordinators, every star member is guided into a planning journey like they’ve never experienced before. Our diverse, and always-growing roster of elite coordinators are fit for every star member and wedding expectations. Deeply attuned to the needs of our members, our Tiered Coordinators will work personably to provide every member with the highest level of service, and unmatchable wedding designs. We take pride in our member's personalized REDBook that is hand-crafted to make every wedding planning journey organized, stress-free and sublime. 


Charles Schulz told the world, “In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With." So, we welcome you to come travel with us. When traveling the world to plan your dream wedding, there's no one more adventurous than the Tiered Coordinators at Rock N’ Events. Our diverse and well-traveled team work as a traveling friend, and guide every member to identify not just their forever dreamt destination, but create their ideal vision in the new world of dreams and possibilities. 


At Rock N' Events, your company mission becomes our company's mission. With our strategic planning & design skills, the star planners at Rock N’ Events bring all business goals to life. Designing a path to growth & profitability, we produce the ‘ultimate’ successful rock n' event. Throughout our ambitious journey together, our star coordinators will take the time to analyze your company’s mission, and create the overall purpose that determines the value in your organization’s goal.